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'Misfit M.'- Paige Locke as Marilyn.jpg

"Locke does a remarkable job of bringing Marilyn Monroe to life."                           -Maja Ardal, Playwright

"Locke embodies the late Marilyn down to nuances of speech and movement. I was compelled and saddened. The internal conflict is right there for the audience to feel."                                           -Bryan Boodhoo, film critic

"I got out of 'Misfit M.'s "Marilyn" what I wanted but didn't get out of 'My Week With Marilyn."
-Vail Film Festival 2020

"I 10000% recommend you. Your work ethic is hands down epic! I adore you! Any production is lucky to have you work for them."                                                                                  -Angela Lee, Toronto MUA

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