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Misfit M.

The true story of four harrowing days of Marilyn Monroe's life.
Told from a completely untampered point-of-view, every word is taken directly from a letter she wrote on March 1st, 1961 describing the experience, her feelings, plus insight into her day-to-day life afterwards.

Produced by and sta
rring Paige Locke
Written by Marilyn Monroe
Co-produced by Allie
Co-directed by Sarah Hempinstall & Austin Ball
Cinematography and editing by Austin Ball
Production design by Angelica Stirpe
All original music by Julian Stirpe
Hair & make-up by Shawnna Downing
Wardrobe by Julia Kim
Sound by George Petrovic
Stills by Samantha Falco
Featuring the talents of Emily Dickinson, Altair Vincent, Amin Bhatia and Allie Dunbar

Misfit M. screened at 20 festivals after its world premiere in Los Angeles.



United States
LA Shorts International Film Festival, Los Angeles CA
The Hollywood First-Time Filmmakers Showcase, Los Angeles CA
Lady Filmmakers Festival, Los Angeles CA
jellyFEST, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, Los Angeles CA
Borrego Springs Film Festival, Borrego Springs CA
NY Shorts International Film Festival, NYC
Chelsea Film Festival, NYC
Dumbo Film Festival, NYC
New York Lift-Off Film Festival, NYC
Vail Film Festival, Vail CO
Orlando Film Festival, Orlando FL
Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence RI
Woodbury Film Festival, Salt Lake City UT

Toronto Shorts International Film Festival, Toronto ON
Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival, Toronto ON
Canadian Cinematography Awards, Toronto ON
Hamilton Film Festival, Hamilton ON
Canada Shorts Film Festival, Vancouver BC

London International Motion Picture Awards, London ENG

Best Canadian Film, Canadian Cinematography Awards
Best Experimental Film, Canadian Cinematography Awards
Best Cinematography, Canadian Cinematography Awards
Best Cinematography,
Chelsea Film Festival
Best Short Documentary, Woodbury Film Festival
Best Canadian Short, Canada Shorts Film Festival

Misfit M. was filmed in Toronto & Cobourg, Ontario.

Thanks to Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles for their help in acquiring the rights to Marilyn's words. We are forever grateful.

Watch the trailer above, enjoy t
he film below...

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(L to R): Shawnna Downing (HMU), Valentyn Korotkevych (Production Assistant), Sarah Hempinstall (co-Director), George Petrovic (Sound), Jess Fazari (Set Dresser), Julia Kim (Wardrobe), Paige Locke (Producer), Austin Ball (Director of Photography, Co-Director, Editor), Angelica Stirpe (Production Designer), Danielle LeBlanc (Craft Service)


'8+ Weeks' Official Poster (grey version) large size WITH LAUREL.png


Assistant Director

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Location Manager

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